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How to Answer “Are You Willing to Relocate or Travel?”


We have been taught since childhood to consider all sides before making up our mind. And it is a hundred times tougher to be asked to come to a decision in an interview regarding the possibility of relocation.

To make such a big decision about life as to moving out of your native world is a big leap. But there are ways how you can prepare yourself beforehand since moving over from one place to another on work is very common these days.

Are you willing to relocate or travelAll you need to do is weigh all sides of the matter before you can finally embark on your answer. The following points regarding what to expect and how to proceed for what is necessary, will help you come to grips with the matter.

How to Answer Are You Willing to Relocate or Travel for this Position

1. Think before answering:

It is not always possible for anybody to come up with a perfectly witty answer for every problem thrown in their direction. But a little moment of thought before answering is most likely to give you an edge.

Moreover, answering without forethought is never a good decision since you will always be at the brink of saying something you should not. And if it is hard for you to come to an immediate decision then keep asking questions regarding the options you get if you agree to the company’s terms and conditions. Doing so will at least buy you some time before you can finally give your word on the matter.

And for something as big as moving across the country or the globe that puts the lives of your dependent family members on the line, a moment’s time is not enough.

2. Give an honest answer:

Do not be willing to undertake work just so that you can be in the good books of the company. Forcibly leading the company onto thinking that you are the man for the job while you know that it will undoubtedly do more harm than good for you, is not the right way to prove that you are worth the investment.

Even after taking into account the pros and cons of having to relocate if you think that you are not exactly cut out for what they want from you, then let the company know what is going on in your mind before it is too late.

It is always better to give an honest answer even though it is something you know will not be taken in good light. But in your defence, you will know that you did the right thing by telling what in your eyes will be better.

3. Ask whether you will be adequately compensated for your efforts:

It is better to inquire on everything that comes to your mind than regret not taking the effort to do it, later on. Sometimes companies have the tendency of cutting down on funds once the employees have been relocated.

But none of us would want to face the problems on living on less than promised funds once we have shifted to a new place. Therefore it is always wise to clear up whether the company is paying for your expenses and efforts.

Moreover there is nothing wrong in being sure that what you are getting is worth your effort and time. Hence always remember to verify the details before making your mind up on moving off to a new place.

4. Ask if the company will provide with all the documents you need to travel:

It can be such a hassle to make visits to the embassy and offices regarding your passport along with other documents for travelling on work. You may even be asked to give a statement of purpose or get the documents attested by the notary.

This is a big problem that companies leave on your shoulders just when you start to think that maybe travelling or relocating is not going to be such a bad option after all.

And that is exactly why you need to be extremely vocal while making it clear to your employers that you are not okay with accepting any terms unless they are willing to have all the necessary documents, visa and passports made out in your name for the travelling.

5. Mention problems involving your family:

Most often, one or more of our family member are dependent solely on us. So it is impossible to even think about leaving them and going off to a distant place for a better chance of making both ends meet.

When we grow up we understand that money is not everything. It may buy a lot of things that are necessary in everyday life but it isn’t all there to life.

So even though sending money is an option we do not feel safe to be leaving the people who have not ever been on their own.

Therefore it is important to discuss the matter about taking your family along and the options for putting up at a place meant for a family.

Chances are that if you are moving for a long period of time you will be allowed to take your family with you while the costs are covered by the company hosting your trip.

6. Convince the employers to give into your demands:

Try holding up on reasonable demands. If you are having to relocate it is for the sake of the company and they have chosen you because you seem like the perfect person to finish the job. But that does not mean that they are doing a favour by choosing you or that are not expected to have any demands.

Even before you think about your company you have to think about yourself as it would still be you who has to travel on work. Since your own safety comes first you are free to ask for anything that you think is going to help you on your stay. But remember not to make over-reaching demands just because you think you can make the company oblige to your terms.

7. Ask for alternative solutions:

We know how tough relocating can get, so do not hesitate to ask about alternative solution or from sharing your opinion with the company heads. Since they have chosen you for the job, anything you have to say is going to be taken seriously. Therefore if you have second doubts about the idea of moving to a new place then you can always ask for alternative solutions.

It is unlikely for them to decline your proposition unless their hands are tied. However, you may even also give in your opinion about what can be done if it is difficult for you to make the move so suddenly. Since technology is at its peak, delegation can also be taken care of virtually unless the situation demands you to be present in the place of concern in person.

8. Ask if the company will be providing accommodation:

Most companies have to, as a rule provide for their employee’s accommodation if they are being sent out for work. But still a few companies do not believe in standing in for their employees and as a result are not responsible for where and how they lodge up. However, if you don’t want problems like that at your end then have this talk with the company.

Make your choices very carefully when it is a matter of moving to an entirely new city or country where you will be completely on your own. So better it is that you let the company handle the matters of their trade and book a decent place for you to stay.

9. Don’t ever start your answer with “no”:

Do not ever say no for an answer right away to your employers. Since they have thought of you as the right person meant for the work, you should disappoint them right at the onset of the discussion.

Even if you are not willing to comply, there is no harm in hearing out what employers have to say. Every so often employees have their minds changed by the end of the discussion therefore it would not be very wise to make haste and regret later for being so stupid.

Do not give your answer until they ask for your final say if you want to make the best of your opportunity. But if think that saying no right in the beginning is going to make you look stark and honest to the last degree, then you could not be more wrong.

It would not only disappoint the employer but they will most likely refrain from ever including your name on any project in the future.

10. Ask counter questions:

Ask as many questions as you can to know more about the job your company has assigned you for. Asking questions will make you seem good with details and show your interest and endeavour for the task in positive light. Also it is better for you to know all nooks and crannies of the agreement before setting out on a new journey in a different place.

Delegation could mean either you are being exchanged for another employees or you are simply being sent on work for the period of time it takes to be completed. But in both cases you would be meeting new people and meeting different life. This means that you have to make sure whether you are going to be in a similar environment as you are used to or expect radical changes in every respect.

11. If you love travelling it will never be a problem:

If you are a person who simply loves travelling then you should answer the question by saying that you would be perfectly fine with relocation and travel. If you show that you are rather enthusiastic as well as excited chances are that you will surely bag the job. This having been stated ensure that you think a fair bit before making promises which you will find tough to keep.

As far as possible you must try to be very fair to yourself so that you do not regret your words at a later point in time. For the first few months constant travelling may seem fun but chances are that over time the charm may wear off.

12. Ask whether transportation will be paid for:

Right from the onset you should put all your cards on the table. The corporate world is certainly not the place to be shy. So rather than feeling bad about talking about money.

Get to the point and immediately state that you will make your choice based on whether the cost of the travel will be incurred by the office. There is no point taking up a job where you will be expected to pay for all this travelling on your own.

Travelling for work purposes on its own is not a pleasant task and in addition to that if you have to spend your money then that is just terrible. So in such a case it is fine to answer the question with a query on your mind.

Whether you wish to relocate or travel for a job, it is something which is entirely up to you. You should always follow your heart at all points of time. When going for an interview it is very vital to have your head on your shoulders at all points in time. If you act humble as well as vulnerable then people will most certainly take advantage of you. If you work hard and give your 100%, you will surely bag your dream job.

There is simply no point in holding yourself back during your interview so just be very honest and do not be afraid of failure no matter what. The interviewer is sure to appreciate this quality in you.