There are many situations in life where people tend to say sorry.

When you are bumped someone in your busy schedule, the very first reaction would be sorry from your side though you did not make a mistake.

Apologizing quickly is human nature but at times it seems to be irrelevant to certain situations, hence you can use other words for saying sorry at certain circumstances and presented in some other way.

It is also assumed bad for one’s self-respect as we also lose respect. Here are a few ways where you could use other ways instead of saying sorry or another word for I’m sorry.

what say instead sorryAnother Word for Sorry:

The following mentioned are few tips on using another word for sorry and different words for sorry.

1. Thanking the opponent:

When there is a minor mistake in some chore that you’ve done, thank your opponent or customer instead of asking a sorry.

Your thanks would be for pointing out the mistake and you can assure the opponent that you’ll fix it.

In such a context, sorry can be averted and thanks can be used. A word of appreciation or thanks can be better instead of sorry.

2. Own the mistake:

In a scenario where you have made a mistake and being inquired, own the mistake instead of asking for a sorry.

Explain ways how would you mend and fix it rather than apologizing. This is what the customer or your boss is looking for; they do not want to see you standing with face down and sorry for what has been done.

You can also use sentence such as “can you forgive me for the error happened” in that situation.

3. Frustrating instead of sorry:

Sorry is again used by individuals to show sympathy, at the same time colleagues use it to show consideration for their co-workers.

It is a fact that most people apologize for random facts which is unavoidable. To understand your colleagues and develop trust in them, there are many other words that can be utilized instead of sorry.

Suppose you’re late to work from heavy traffic. The usual mode used is “sorry I am late due to heavy traffic”, but instead the following phrase can be used “it’s so frustrating that I am late to work due to traffic”.

4. Silence instead of sorry:

At times sorry is being used a number of times, where it tends to lose its meaning completely.

There may be situations where one can be nervous and use words like “um”, “ah”, “sorry” also which isn’t needed in that context.

In such scenarios, it would be better if the individuals remains silent and recalls what has been forgotten. Remaining silent and avoiding sorry can be the right option in this situation.

5. At times of interruption:

It is usual that most women are silent at work, for the same it is mandatory to learn your work environment.

Learn about the type of meeting you’re in, people present there, and the culture prevalent in that situation.

In such a meeting intruding with an apology can bring your status down. It is also needed to look out if others are using the same word ‘sorry’.

If there are questions to be raised in the mid of the meeting you can use words like “let me ask” or “excuse me” or “pardon me”. Sorry can be avoided in such situations.

6. Alternative of sorry to maintain peace:

In order to uphold social harmony ‘sorry’ is the only word that is used by almost all women.

Whenever there is argumentation, rough moments and conflict, apologies are used so that the conversation is made smooth and reset. One should also remember that sorry is a word which makes you looks weak.

Whenever you have a situation where you are unable to understand some concept, do not use the word sorry instead you can appreciate the work and ask the opponent for clarification.

7. Whoops:

When you face situations where something goes wrong and you need to take responsibility, ‘whoops’ can be used in that scenario rather than apologizing for what happened.

Not all minor mistakes at works can chase you out from job and hence, apologizing for petty issues isn’t needed.

8. Okay:

At scenarios when you’ve done the right thing and you’re questioned about it just proceeds it by saying okay. There is never a need to say sorry when you have done nothing wrong.

9. Confidence:

When you’re late for your office meeting, do not run in a hurry and get trembled, but compose yourself and built confidence after you reach in.

Speak confidently with a prominent voice rather than a low voice with eye contact. Open up the reason rather than apologizing.

10. Control the situation:

There are aspects which can be forgotten in the busy schedule, a situations where you have forgotten something you promised.

Do not apologize or excuse rather control the situation and make it yours. Use the words “let’s do it”, rather than “sorry I forgot”. Have an alternative idea in hand when such situations occur.

11. It’s unfortunate:

When something bad or unnecessary has happened, you can use words such as “it’s unfortunate that“, rather than asking for a sorry.

This is one another thoughtful way by which you can express your state of mind.

12. How sad:

At situations where something bad or disastrous has happened, when you meet up you can bring out your thoughts by saying “how sad that this happened for you“.

Rather than using sorry to show your sympathy, the above mentioned words can be used.

Final Words:

In this way there are many words in English vocabulary that can be used instead of sorry, at worse situations it would be good to own up the mistake and say “It’s completely my fault and I apologize”.

In this manner, many situations can be handled with suitable words rather than using sorry. Excuse me is another word which can be used in many instances.

So make sure that you craft and use the right sentence and word rather than apologizing for all situations.