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How to Write Acknowledgement for Project Work


Every acknowledgment letter is written for the sake of recognition of the authority to the concerned department who have taken responsibility to deliver their work accordingly.

It is a printed form of a written letter from the concerned department to provide recognition for the work they have delivered on a particular assignment or project assigned to them.

These acknowledgment letters can be considered a letter of appreciation for the department rendering services on such projects. Below mentioned guidelines are some basic tips on how to write acknowledgment for project work.

Acknowledgement for Project Work

Guidelines for Writing an Acknowledgement for Project Work:

There is a format to follow while writing an acknowledge for project work, and these guidelines should be followed while writing it in a format.

1. Outline of the letter:

To write an acknowledgment letter, a person needs to gather all the information necessary for that format of acknowledgment letter. The details to be stated in the letter of acknowledgment should be clear with their tactful information.

An acknowledgment for a project report is a form of showing certain recognition for their extraordinary participation in that particular project or assignment. By stating a clear outline for the acknowledgment letter, a person can brief it effectively.

2. Draft letter:

Before writing an acknowledgment letter, a person needs to draft a sample acknowledgment letter which consists of all the main elements to be considered before preparing an actual final draft of an acknowledgment letter.

A draft letter should form to understand the actual content of that particular acknowledgment letter. A draft letter helps to underline any kind of mistakes in the final draft of that letter.

3. Sincerity:

While writing an acknowledgment letter one needs to understand that the purpose of it is to acknowledge the efforts of other departments that have participated in that particular project or assignment.

Showing some sincere acknowledgment in that letter can be expressed in a better manner. Sincerity, while writing an acknowledgment letter makes it more responsible and effective.

4. Mention the name and address of the concerned person:

In an acknowledgment letter, all the relevant details should enter with extreme responsibility. After writing a draft letter of acknowledgment, a person needs to provide details about the person’s name and address to mention them in an acknowledgment letter.

So that the recognition should maintain by the person whose contribution to a particular project or assignment valued. Every single written letter needs to state along with an address and the name of the person to whom it is concerned.

5. Be specific about the letter content:

While writing an acknowledgment letter, the specification of the subject needs to mention in that particular acknowledgment letter.

By being specific about the main subject line or content of the acknowledgment letter, a person can be clear with the motive of such an acknowledgment letter. Specification of each content written in that acknowledgment can bring up a clear viewpoint of the concerned authority.

6. Be short:

Writing an acknowledgment letter seems like a simple job, but in reality, it is not that easy job. An acknowledgment letter should be short and specific with all the details to be entered in that particular acknowledgment letter.

By this kind of short and specific details about the main subject line makes an acknowledgment letter valued in a better manner. And instead of writing an essay about the subject line, one can at least try to write what is necessary for that particular acknowledgment letter.

7. Letterhead:

Every acknowledgment letter needs to have a letterhead on which all the main elements of an acknowledgment letter are written. For every formal acknowledgment letter, an official letterhead should be used compulsory.

Letterheads consider as an official seal of that particular project holding organization that requires to acknowledge the effort of another organization and treated as a compulsory or necessary act of acknowledgment.

8. Be respectful:

While stating an acknowledgment letter, a person writing it needs to understand the responsibility of its value. The person or department for whom this acknowledgment letter is specified should be acknowledged to them with complete respect. Every statement of acknowledgment should maintain the important phrase as respectable.

An acknowledgment letter drafted for the sake of respect or appreciation towards their work on such a project or assignment.

9. Timely submission:

Every acknowledgment letter needs to submit to the concerned department as soon they send a person their completed project detail documents.

After receiving the actual complete project work of the department, other department needs to do one thing first that they should release an acknowledgment letter to that department from which they received a complete project work. Never delay while sending an acknowledgment letter because it may consider as unprofessional.

10. Proofreading:

Proofread an acknowledgment letter for the sake of accurate information mentioned in that particular letter. A person needs to proofread all the elements entered in that particular acknowledgment letter. It also considered as a responsible act of delivering such a letter and helps a person to track down any mistake written in that particular letter.

Format of Acknowledgement Letter:

There is a certain project acknowledgment format when writing an acknowledgment for the project. And these formats need to follow while writing an acknowledgment letter. They are as follows.

1. Header:

Every official letter must have a header which consists of all the details about the letter writer’s name and address and along with that the name with full address of the recipient that to whom it addressed. Following a proper header format can bring an official statement to that particular acknowledgment letter for the project.


Name and address of the sender
Recipient’s name

2. Body:

As mentioned earlier, an official letter should consist of the body as well. An acknowledgment letter needs to write in a certain format. These formats considered according to the body of any letter format.


Sir, madam

First Para
Second Para

3. Closure:

The closure of any official letter should end with thanking the project owner who had given this opportunity to the concerned department and also with the appreciation of the completion of project work.



Enclosed (optional)
To end this discussion, we would state that every official letter whether it is an acknowledgment letter, appointment letter or any other letter must have a certain format of presentation.

These formats of presentation are necessary to present the actual content of any kind of official letter. Therefore, to follow a certain format of acknowledgment letter, a person can follow all the above-mentioned steps to present an official acknowledgment for project work.