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3 Negotiating Tips to Help You Get Higher Salary


Bargaining comes naturally to most of us. In India, it is fair to squabble with an argumentative auto rickshaw driver. It’s also common to haggle with the vegetable, fish or flower vendor for quoting exorbitant rates. And it’s normal to bring down rates while buying clothes or shoes on the street. And then there are the routine negotiations with our kids…. ‘Eat you greens and you get a chocolate’. It’s a way of life almost everywhere.

Cut the scene from a housewife bargaining with the local fruit vendor and transfer yourself to the plush air conditioned office of suited men and women closing in on the final stages of an interview. There are some obvious similarities. Both are negotiating to get the best possible deal for themselves. And the deal closes when both parties feel good about their end of the bargain.

Salary NegotiationBut when it comes to salary negotiations, people shy away from asking for their due. Partly because they don’t know their job’s worth, their own worth or are afraid to lose a hard earned position for asking an out of line question. Well, it so happens that most employers are open to the idea of negotiating salaries. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Properly!

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary?

1. Know your Value:

First and foremost, know the inside-out of your role, the company, and designation’s market worth. Do your homework thoroughly. That way, you will not only set expectations right but also impress your employer by showing that you have come in well-prepared. Talk to people, research on trusted websites and have realistic ideas of your own worth. Long gaps in the resume, reasons for gaps, quality of resume and previous roles; they all play a significant role in finalizing a salary.

2. Be Optimistic:

Know that you deserve the best. If you aim high, the interviewer will not give you a raw deal. If they really want you, they will at least try and meet you halfway. For that, you first have to nail the interview and make them really want you for that role. Also understand that most companies have set budgets while finalizing people for a vacant role. So don’t be hasty when asked the question on your expectations. Let the offer be made and then gauge your response to it.

3. Take Constructive Steps:

Now not everybody can envision their future from a young age. Ordinarily, we Major in one field and work in another. But we all learn to just go with the flow. I know a friend who waited and waited to land her dream job and before she knew it, years had gone by and she hadn’t really even started. Make a start. Get the right kind of job specifics on your resume. Make yourself likeable enough to get someone to be your guide, your mentor. Once you are in the system, head towards specialities you like. This helps once you quit and apply at places or for roles you would rather do. It ultimately helps you to negotiate your salary better.

The name of the game is to think a couple of steps ahead. This prepares you with a rough plan of action. Negotiations involve maturity and understanding. They involve putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and being empathetic towards their requirements as well.

Cheers to you for a better pay!



  1. Great article, thank you Armaity. It looks simple to follow the steps, but it can be very hard during negotiations process. Being optimistic was that biggest challenge for me! I am glad the process is over.

    I completely agree with you that you need to know your value. I suggest you check Salary Fairy( to get a crowdsourced prediction of your salary before even starting negotiations. Members of the site make personalized predictions on how much you should be making based on your Linkedin profile.

    Job search and negotiations get better with only believing in yourself, knowing your fair value, and as you said, being optimistic.

  2. Thanks you Jay! For your positive comments and inputs. Will definitely check out Salary Fairy.. Sounds interesting 🙂 Keep writing in with your comments. Much appreciated!

  3. I am a full time blogger and earns all my money from online. I am the boss and pays myself what I need and so don’t need anyone’s concern for salary increment. Hahaha!

    That is the beauty of working online!

  4. Hello; You did an excellent job explaining why people don’t bargain over salary, why they should, and how to go about it. In a bad economy like we have been experiencing in the u s and are still living with so many were so happy just to have a job they willingly took whatever was offered as salary. thanks for sharing and good luck, max

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