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Write for us – Guest Post on Wisestep

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you have insights and observations on things that happen all around you ?  Why not write and get your work noticed ?

Wisestep now accepts articles and columns written by our readers. We prefer articles on the following subjects

  • Careers, Jobs, Employment or anything related to your professional life
  • Professional growth, development
  • Social Media, User behavior, Mobile first
  • Recruiting Technology and trends, history, future
  • Technology stuff for Job Seekers and HR Pros (Not related to Gadgets, Mobile Phones or Cameras)
  • Life Hacking

These are our preferred subjects but you can write and submit on any topic.

Our Expert Panel will review them, and display the best of the week as a Featured Article on our Columns Section.

All articles are evaluated from a single perspective. Will our readers find them good enough to share with friends?

So What do you get by Writing for Wisestep?

1. Your work is Published to a large audience
Articles selected after the review will be listed on the Wisestep Columns and you get an opportunity to showcase your writing among 4 lakh monthly readers. These Articles will be visible to our thousands of  Professionals, Employers and Recruiters on the Wisestep Network which may include potential Contacts, Experts and Employers.

2. Builds your Brand
If you have a blog or a website you can expect to increase your visibility and brand by posting articles on Wisestep. We’ve had a few such talented guest authors and bloggers who have benefited immensely by writing for Wisestep. Why not you?

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How to get Published:

To get published on Wisestep, all you have to do is send us a short professional/career related article to guestblog@wisestepmail.com, with the Subject as “Guest Post for Wisestep”. All posts will be lined up for review by our Editorial Team. Those selected will be published as a Featured Article. Your post may also be archived, so that it might be published at a later date.

Rules for Guest Posting:

  • All posts should be on topics listed above.
  • We value “high quality articles” so we expect that guest posts should be at least 2000 words in length. There is no upper limit.
  • Articles sent to Wisestep should be original and previously unpublished. Plagiarism of content is strictly forbidden.
  • Writers may include up to 2 pictures/images for each Article. These images should be attached to the Email sent to the Editor.
  • Images submitted (if any) should be original/non-copyrighted and should not violate copyright regulations.
  • The Editor reserves the right to change, modify and edit the content; and summarily reject Articles.
  • By sending your Article to Wisestep, you transfer perpetual and non-exclusive rights to Wisestep to Publish, Reproduce and Distribute the Article on the website and its partner sites.
  • Wisestep Team reserves the right to decline the articles that do not adhere to the rules or even at its own discretion

So get noticed now. Send in your Articles right away!