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How to Excel at Work: 16 Smart and Quick Tips


There are several of us who wish to become better employees and there are even more who want to excel at work. To become moneyed and the best at your workplace, you must always remember that it is not about being simply good at what you are doing.

If you want to become successful, you must show a bit of professionalism. You must also have the correct attitude and work hard when placed in a team.

In this article, that is precisely what we are going to help you with. In this post, you will learn how to excel at work and impress your clients and seniors like no other.

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Smart Ways to Excel at Work:

Excelling at work is not always easy but with these quick ideas, we promise you will be able to create a good impression among your seniors and colleagues. So go ahead! Give it a good read!

1. Ask your clients if they need any help:

Bill Gates had once said that when you have unhappy customers, it could be a great source of learning. The tools you will require for this could be a phone or even an email.

How can you know what your clients need? Simply ask them! Most great businesses these days have to be built upon this one principle: excellence is nothing but a relationship when you are trying your best not to sell someone a product that they don’t require, but at the same time you are also taking an interest in their current needs and giving them proper solutions.

In short, you have to know which issues matter the most to your customers and what you will need to stay on top of the business.

2. Be around those who are smart:

If you want to excel at work, you have to be around those people who are smart. Hang out with those who have a better idea about things that you do.

If you are too arrogant about your achievements and don’t want to learn anything, there is no chance of excelling at work. Therefore we would suggest that you make yourself more receptive to learning new things.

There are plenty of people in your workplace who are smarter than you and need someone to help them. Go ahead and be their assistant in a few assignments. You don’t know what you can do!

3. Don’t be lazy:

Never be a lazy person at work. If you don’t already know, some people want to snatch your position immediately. So this could become a huge downside for people like you who want to excel at work but aren’t able to because of their lazy habit.

If you are not able to work because of a certain reason, change it! But don’t come across as someone who is not interested. You will lose your chances of excelling at work.

4. Make changes wherever you can:

Take a close look at the people who are working with you right now. Would you like to be like them? If yes, then see what is the difference between you and them.

Are you just like these people or do you have to make a few changes in yourself? Do you dress the way you are supposed to, at work or is there something off about that as well? Yes, it does matter if you are someone who deserves and is capable.

But when it comes to higher levels of management; your presentation is of high importance. If you want to create a different impression, you have to make changes in the right places.

5. Read podcasts or at least listen to them:

This year you must make it a plan to feed your empty brain as much as possible. If you always stick to the same old routine, you will end up with nothing.

So try to come up with something new. Think of all the business blogs you see on the net or even those exciting podcasts. Read them to learn more and grasp more knowledge.

You should also check out Financial Times, their blogs along with the wall street journal to see what they are doing. Some of them have the best ideas lined up for you. Join a business or even a local book up. See where you can begin.

6. Your meeting should be more productive from now on!:

First of all, never waste anyone’s time during a meeting. Always remember that every meeting comes with a purpose.

In case you are using outlook to make a plan and schedule all important meetings, then don’t forget to put this agenda along with all the questions that are needed to be discussed during the meeting.

When you are attending it, make sure that you have discussed everything important. Don’t miss out on anything. Keep your meetings effective and people will never feel like they are losing out on time.

7. Become a more organized person:

If you want to excel at work, you also have to become a more organized person. Let us all face it. The professionalism you have is very much dependent on the people and what they see when they begin to work with you.

The messier you are as a person, the more they will think of as a disorganized person. And this is something we would all recommend you to avoid. You must and always, in fact, make that effort to come across as someone who has his life together.

8. Go out of your way:

Most importantly, never forget to go out of your way. This is one of the most important characteristics anyone should possess if they want to excel at work.

Going out of your way doesn’t mean you have to become a slave. It simply means doing more than you are expected to. You have to take a quick look at the situation around you.

Who do you think needs help at this point? Could you change their situation? If yes, go ahead and do it. You never know where it can take you!

How to be Successful at Work and on the Job?

When employed in an organization, we are paid for performing our duties at work. But money alone cannot bring happiness and its a universal truth.

You also need to be successful at work which brings in true happiness and can boost the growth and development of the organization. This can be attained not only by working hard but also by being better at professionalism, attitude and being social at work.

Here we have mentioned a few quick tips for excelling at work.

Keys to Success at Work:

  1. Perform your work well
  2. Being professional
  3. Be a problem solver at work
  4. Have a positive attitude
  5. Avoid gossips
  6. Work hard
  7. Should possess good teamwork skills
  8. Know your employer well
  9. Help your colleagues at work
  10. Maintain relation with your boss
  11. Volunteer for new projects
  12. Accept criticism positively
  13. Ready to take extra responsibilities
  14. Maintain good bonding with friends
  15. Mentor new employees
  16. Always update yourself by learning new skills

Quick Tips for Excelling at Workplace:

Here are some quick tips you must always keep in mind to excel at work!

1. Be on time:

If you want to excel at work, you have to take care of every single thing. Start with making it on work, on time. We would suggest you be early instead of going late. In case there is an emergency and you feel like you are not going to reach on time, let it be known as soon as possible.

Nothing could be worse than not being able to reach on time. Your seniors and colleagues will not have faith in you. So no matter what, make the time a priority and don’t ever show up late!

2. Being assertive is the key:

You must have a good idea about your role. But make sure to speak up when the need arises. If you have an idea in mind, don’t just keep it to yourself. Let others know about it. Let your team know about it. You could become the leader of all your other colleagues. This could be a great opportunity for you to shine as a leader.

Show your elders that you are a capable person, that you are full of potential and that you can help and guide others. When you give people that feeling, it will work better for you.

3. Learn about time management:

You should be as efficient as you can. Don’t be a stuck up, no matter what! You should always switch things up in case you feel flustered about something. When you come back, your mind will be refreshed.

You should spend time doing new assignments. Explore yourself and see what you like. The more time you spend on working, the more you will realize the importance of time and how you can manage it.

4. Maintain a healthy and decent lifestyle:

Several people do not give any importance to this section of their lives thinking it does not matter. If you are one of them, then let me tell you that health matters.

If you want to show your best at work, you have to be healthy and fit. When you have a decent lifestyle, you will automatically be able to protect yourself in a better way at work. If you want to guarantee yourself a good and long career, you must take good care of yourself.

Exercise at least 30 minutes every day and stick to eating healthy. Those who find exercising too difficult can walk for an hour!

5. Know when to enjoy and when to work hard:

Everyone wants to have a good time. People who are truly successful today are those who can find a medium between their finishing work and social life. Nothing in this world is far as important as finishing work on time.

So it does not matter how much at this point you require a good drink, you must always remember and realize that completing your assignment shall matter over anything else. You are working in a big company where nobody wants excuses of any kind.

You have to be able to complete the work on time. When the work you have done has been completed, you can sit back and finish all your drinks one by one.

6. Have a goal and work towards it:

It is also highly important to work towards your goals. We all work in an environment where we want to reach our goals and the tasks that we have ahead of us. This, of course, does not always have to be some sort of monetary achievement.

The goals you have could be used as closing a deal or even getting some sort of promotion. No matter what it is, you have to be sure that the goals you have of moving forward should make you a successful person.

7. Work late if you have to:

If the need arises, you have to work late. Nobody is a morning person these days. Several people have agreed that they tend to work their best late during the night.

This also happens to be that time of the day when your creative juices are flowing so that you can finish most of your work and impress your clients. It also looks great when you are the last one to step out of your office.

8. Meet all deadlines:

Finally, you should never forget to meet all deadlines. If you are expected to finish a project on time, make sure you are submitting it on time. If your client expects you to be prepared, you have to be.

There are no excuses in a professional environment, especially if you are working in private companies. So the minute you have received work, get on with it and start working immediately. You will be surprised seeing how far these tiny things can take you.


Always remember that when you are learning something new or maybe if you have entered your workplace quite recently, it is always a better idea to ask a few questions instead of just doing things blindly and then stumbling on.

Though we don’t believe in things like job security these days, by following the ideas enlisted above in this article, you can become the best member of your team and organization.

Also if you have enjoyed reading this post and have some comments and questions in mind for us, do let us know in the comment box below. We would love to answer your queries. On that note, good luck!