It seems quite irritating that some of the interview process takes longer than the usual interview process. And this kind of stretching period of time can be annoying for the candidate and wastage of time for the company. Therefore, to speed up such type of interview process the employer and the candidate needs to come to a level of confirmation where they both need to take a step forward, start helping each other to speed up the process without any further loss.

Speed Up Slow-Moving Interview

Tips to Speed Up Your Slow Hiring Process:

There are certain things to keep in mind while attending the interview process, and the most important fact is that to respect each others time during the interview. Therefore, these tips can help those who get stuck in middle of the interview just because the interview is taking very long time to finish.

1. Make a complete research about the company hiring process:

It is one of the must and necessary thing to do while preparing oneself before interviews. Therefore, to speed up any sort of interview the candidate need to take initiative with his profiling. Such as the candidate can start introducing himself and be prepared of the questions which concerns the company profile. And last but not the least, the candidate and the employer need to be quick with their questions and answers.

2. Always prepare yourself for initial screening interviews:

Sometimes these initial screening tests take a bit longer time than ever. Therefore, it is important for the candidate to prepare themselves well in advance so that there won’t be any sort of communication difference between the candidate and the employer. And most importantly the candidate should know about the phone screening tests so that both the parties can fix a day for that interview which initially avoids every possible confusion.

3. Keep reference on steady mode:

Nowadays, more than interview process the employers are interested more in the background and past employment details about the candidate. And for that purpose the candidate needs to be ready with their reference details of their previous employment information. This kind of preparation in advance helps the current employee to save his time and continue his interview process quickly and effectively.

4. Sending appreciating notes:

These kind of gestures like sending appreciating notes or saying thank you through note or emails does not make any difference in the interview process, but it definitely leaves positive influence on the employer, eventually this creates an impression where the employer takes the candidates appreciation to another level. And speed up the interview process with that particular employee skipping most of them in between processes.

5. Don’t depend on just one interview:

Some people do such thing as they attend only one interview and try to wait for the results more than the expected time. Therefore, it is best for the candidate that they should try to apply for more than one interview, then attend them accordingly along with its results. If some of the interview results are not informed, then the candidate need to move on with another thinking that they are avoiding the decision. Instead of waiting for the answer which is never going to come, it’s better make use of that time on other job interviews.

6. Maintain a clean credit history:

Some companies demand for the credit history as a proof of the candidates earning capabilities. And if there are any doubts and confusions in their credit report, then there is a possibility that the candidate might lose his chances of getting that particular job. Therefore, to avoid that situation the candidate needs to check his credit information well in advance so that there won’t be any kind of doubts with his credit report or information.

7. Keep informing the recruiter about offers you are receiving in the form of a job:

It is one of the smartest thing to do if a candidate want to speed up his job application from the screening level to the final personal interview process. Therefore, the candidate needs to think smartly and inform the interviewer about the current job offerings that the candidate is receiving for his career growth. This piece of information can lead that interviewer in a positive manner, eventually he can be forced to hire that candidate for the growth of the company.

8. Start adjusting the expectation:

Some candidates have a habit of delivering the expectation out in the open. And this kind of behavior can make recruiter think that the candidate is being honest, but still unreasonable with their demands. Eventually, this can turn negative in terms of the employers point of view. Therefore, it is always better to keep one’s expectation in limits and never try to present it in front of the employer without thinking it smartly through.

9. Try to ask interviewer about his doubts regarding the candidacy:

After completing the interview process the candidate might feel positive about the interview process, but it doesn’t confirm that the employer feels the same about his candidacy. Therefore, it is advisable for the candidate that at the end of the interview the candidate should ask the interviewer about his performance and doubts regarding himself if any existed. By this kind of offer, the candidate understands the final decision which is supposed to be taken by the employer without waiting for a longer period of time.

Finally, the bottom line is that, every candidate and the employer experience some sort of tension during the interview process. And these tensions can cause some sort of pressure on the interview and leads it towards the slower pace. Once the interview process gets slow, then the possibility of hiring a qualified candidate gets slow as well eventually. Therefore, to avoid this and speed up the interview process the candidate need to follow as the above mentioned tips and tricks.