Workplace happiness and employee happiness is achieved by selecting the best employee each month in the work environment.

Employee of the month is also considered as a reward and employee recognition program that encourages the staffs to work effectively and enhance productivity.

Employees who have achieved excellence in the field and best ones amongst all the fields are recognized and rewarded. The main aspect for identifying employee of the month is the criterion that is followed to pick out the best employee of the month.

Employee of the month selection criterion depends on two main aspects attitude standards and quality of work standards. The other main factors that decide the best employee of the month are attendance, quality, performance, and other factors of the previous month according to the employee’s role.

select best employee month

Criteria for Employee of the Month Selection:

1. The key eligibility criteria for employee of the month is that the employee must have worked for two years in the town and the employee must not be on probationary period at time of nomination.

2. The employee of the month reward can be obtained by an employee for more than once where the employee needs to have a break of at least five years for each award.

3. The employee must be a capable person to present initiative.

4. A high quality of work must be delivered by the employee.

5. The employee must be a capable person where he is able to present himself as team member.

6. Leadership qualities are other main aspects that should be present with the employee.

7. A positive attitude is a key aspect that should be present with the employee in the work environment.

The information on the nominees would be gathered from the employee of the month nomination form, the nominator himself, the committee knowledge about the nominee, performance issues are gathered from the HR and also other details can be gathered from the director or immediate supervisor.

Process for Selecting Employee of the Month:

1. Best employee for the month is achieved by following a proper process through which the award is narrowed down. The appropriate form and criteria for employee of the month is first posted on the website of the HR.

2. The employees are suggested to apply for nominations once the notice is posted. Completed form for the reward is submitted to the personnel assistant in the human resource management.

3. The nominator is supposed to sign in the form. The human resources director is responsible for forming employee of the month committee which is made up of past employee of the month members.

4. On a monthly basis, the employee of the month committee meets and reviews all the nomination and narrows down to pick an employee for the upcoming months for employee of the month. If required an email is sent as a follow-up.

5. The human resource department collaborates with Mayor’s office and related director of the department so that the proclamation and write up is completed.

6. There is a time allocated by the human resource department for the department, the mayor and employee of the month committee to announce the employee of the month. Once all the process mentioned above is completed, the employee receives a letter issued by the mayor mentioning them as employee of the month.

7. The employee is also announced a day of administrative holiday and also a gift certificate as per the company.

8. Apart from all this the employee also receives a pin for employee of the month. An award with name and month graved and displayed.

9. The upcoming assembly meeting which is presented with a proclamation is to be attended by the one employee.

10. The employee of the month is highlighted in the daily office news miner and HR web page too.

Best Employee of the Month Program:

1. Considering goals:

The employee of the month program guidelines assists in enhancing sales diminishes spending and healthy competition is developed.

Though the intention of the employee program is to enhance morale, there should be a sense of accomplishment in the program. There should be objective goals for the program in electing the best employee of the month.

2. Setting guidelines:

To gain a status called an employee of the month, there should be the certain employee of the month guidelines and objectives so that the employees work towards it.

A clear as well as easy to understand criteria must be established so that the employees would know what to do and work accordingly. The employee should know what he needs to do in order to earn employee of the month by developing a fair program.

3. Choose your rewards:

The employee who wins employee of the month should be decided with an excellent gift which can be a gift card, special parking, plaque, cash, or day off. A large plague must be displayed where each employee of the month’s name is displayed.

Press releases with the winner’s name must be published in the winner’s hometown. The company website and the newsletter must also be printed with the winner’s name.

4. Communicate the program:

The program for the employee of the month along with its criteria for earning and awarding must be announced to the employees hence employees understand the program. Remember to ask for feedback and also the employees are well informed about the contest earlier.

The winner for each month must be announced with a reason for winning. The winner for the criteria and how the winner met all the criteria and won is to be mentioned.

Best Employee of the Month Certificate and Letter Format:


A certificate is provided for the employee of the month which is of various standard patterns. Certificates can be of ornate, elegant fond and a blue chain border.

The employee of the month certificate templates are important to be focused on. The template is usually a ready to use document where ample amount of spaces are provided.

Here the name of the employee, employee’s accomplishments, certificate title, Name of the company and more details are included.

Letter format:

The letter format for congratulating the employee for achieving the best employee of the month is drafted in a way where the organization’s name is mentioned in the first few lines. Then by mentioning the best employee of the month name, the employee is congratulated on behalf of the company and the month and year is mentioned.

The parameters and reasons for picking the employee as the best for the month are mentioned. The award type whether it’s a cash prize, memento, or others are mentioned in the letter.

Moreover the organization mentions that they expect the same spirit and more enthusiasm for the company’s welfare. The letter is brought to an end with the signature of the HR manager.

Best Employee Award Speech:

It is a fortunate moment to announce the best employee of the month speech. To make the speech for employee of the month, exciting and apt the speech should be planned and prepared well in advance.

Not everyone would be familiar with the award and hence mentioning about the award is important during the speech. Creating suspense and mentioning the award can make the speech interesting.

The audience should be baffled and confused as to who the employee would be. Then the employee of the month is announced in the third section. The winner is then invited and award is presented to the winner.

After congratulating the winner can be asked to speak a few words. The winner in turn would thank each and everyone in the organization who boosted him to work. These are a few aspects that take place in the employee award speech.

Presenting employee of the month award is one of the best competitions that boosts employees and helps them to be more productive for the company. The healthy competition brings in enthusiasm within employees so that each and every employee performs his best to attain the award.

Since it is a monthly process, employees are never exhausted and try each month for their name to be announced as the best employee.

Best employee of the month nominations are made and the best employee is picked from the lot. The employees are monitored and their performance is reviewed on a regular basis in order to pick the best employee of the month.

The selection committee has a few parameters through which they pick the best employee of the month. With all these parameters the analysis and review is conducted.

These are a few steps followed in order to pick the best employee. The employee certificate type, the award speech, the employee of the month letter format for congratulating the employee is also mentioned above.

Conclusion :

Hence employees can always run through the points which is mentioned as criteria for employee of the month award and try to fall within the criteria to be picked as the best employee of the month.