The use of color can influence the decision of the customers, according to the experts. But some naysayers are denying the fact that there is a science behind colors in marketing.

The psychological effects of colors play an important role in our lives and it is evident in every aspect.

When you are happy you would react to certain colors more than when you are sad or feeling low.

It is said that when you are feeling low, then wearing bright color clothes will pull you up and when you are running high on energy then some soothing colors will suit you best as it provides you balance.

There have been various experiments done to prove the relation between color psychology and human psychology, though it has been proven to carry some effect but still some professionals find it hard to believe this.

In business, it is a proven fact, now that when you want to influence the decision making power of the customers, then a certain use of colors will help you with this. As the science of colors in marketing is very effective.

Otherwise, why do you think some brands retain their logo color even when they are opting for a change in other fields!

Can you ever imagine any color other than Red when we are speaking about Coca-Cola?

If it was doing no good, then this big cola brand would have changed the color right away!

When advertisers are working on any marketing plan, then they look into every aspect including colors because every color has a meaning of their own and it is very important that as an advertising agent you decipher the meaning in a right way.

The psychology of color in marketing usage plays a key role in entity success. Color can help you in deciding whether something is meant for men or women because generally pink is associated with girls and the blue color is associated with boys from time immemorial.

People who have been denying the color science would also agree with this basic color diversification.

We are so used to viewing colors around us that we don’t even bother to look into the fact that how the power of color is affecting the decision making of ours.

If you take a closer look at the events then you will notice that certain colors really help in calming us down.

science behind colors in marketing

The visual sense one of the strongest:

Next time when you are out in the market just paying attention to your buying habits and you will realize that there are several products that you are buying just because you were attracted towards the color of the package.

Almost 90% of the purchasing decision is made by the color only. For businesses that have never paid much heed about emphasizing on colors must now look into the matter seriously and see what will be the best color that will suit them!

If you are still not sure then just check yourself out, how many industries you can identify just by the colors they use.

By going deep into the colors you will understand the meaning of each of them distinctly. Here is what these colors actually mean –

  • Black –

    qualities of black colorWhen you are selecting the color black then the qualities that are associated with it are powerful, professional, accurate, direct, definite, strength, credibility and precision.

    This is the color that is best suited for mining, corporate, fashion, oil, construction, manufacturing, marketing, financial, tradesmen, marketing and cosmetics.Therefore, if you are part of these businesses then you can opt for the color black to witness how it influences your customers for better. Some of the brands that use black in their logo or name are Puma, cartoon network, Nike, etc.

  • Green –

    qualities of green colorGoing green with envy is what the famous saying goes, but there are other qualities too that are associated with this color.

    You can easily associate this color with something organic and natural or even youth for that matter. Then again green brings in the feeling of ecology, nature, calming, adventurous, instructional, nurturing and education. This color will be best suited for people who are in the fields of ecological business, medicine, science, human resources, tourism, government and recruitment. It has the soothing effect on the eyes and mind. Green is used by brands like Monster health drink, Animal Planet, Tropicana, etc.

  • Yellow –

    qualities of yellow colorThis color if used in moderate then it will act as a vibrant attention getter and in your business, it will show off the cheerful and the energetic side of yours.

    If you have an overdose of yellow, then it might let you down, but when used in the right proportion, then it will attract the eyeballs of your potential customers. Color and the logo or the name of your retail shop is the first thing that the visitors observe so you have to impress your customers there right away. You will get many brands who use yellow either in the name or the logo that they use and some examples of these brands are McDonald’s, Subway, UPS, Nikon, IKEA, etc.

  • Red –

    qualities of red colorIt is a highly emotional color and it is intense too. So you have to use it properly, otherwise, it can let you down as well.

    It has the power to attract the people and also distract the people, therefore when you are using Red, make sure you use it correctly at the correct places. You can easily associate this color with love, life and boldness. It is also symbolised warning as you get red signals in traffic, which means stop so before using this color you have to keep both these factors in mind. When we say red, some of the companies with red logos and names that appear in front of us are AVIS, Coc

  • a–Cola, Kellogg’s, Virgin, Canon, KFC, etc.
  • Blue –

    qualities of blue colorBlue always has some calming effect on people and with qualities like clean, focus, credible, professional, power, judicial, medical.

    Blue definitely impresses a lot of corporate offices. You will find the color blue present in most of the logos or name of the biggest industries. It can be applied in every sector, but it will be most effective if it is applied in science, utilities, medical, healthcare, high– tech, recruitment, tradesmen, government, information technology, corporate, dental or legal field. One of the famous social network site Facebook brand color is blue, but many people don’t know why Facebook is blue. Some of the companies with blue logos and names or blue symbolizing companies are OREO, DELL, Oral – B, Walmart, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Categorizing the colors:

It is believed that green plays an important role in cementing the decision we make regarding any product or service. It is soothing and more often than not, it is used everywhere to make the practice of buying easier.

Colors are not only for Infographics, instead if you can use it appropriately then you can enhance even your websites. There are some colors that are said to be soothing for our eyes and makes us calm and few other colors which are so loud that they almost start hurting our eyes within seconds. Therefore it is important that we know how to use the color to get the maximum benefit. The top brands select colors that somehow represents their identity. McDonald’s

For example, the logo of McDonald’s is in yellow so whenever you see it you will feel vibrant and the environment out there is also kept that way. Here without wasting a single word, the color is doing all the talking about the company and the same goes with other brands too.

Now the businesses are concentrating more on colors because they have seen in the past how it affects the customers’ decision-making ability. When you are in a market, you will also find yourself getting attracted to the products which have an interesting color combination. Do you even bother to look at products which are dressed up like Plain Jane?

There is no hard and fast rule about it, but don’t you find it pleasant to open up the blue Facebook page or the twitter page for that reason.

Now is the era of Smartphones and app stores, so even there you will find getting attracted to several colors and some colors just throw you off. yellow placard

Therefore getting into the skin of color is necessary before you jump into applying the color to your site or product.

When you are indulging in window shopping with your friends you will see that yellow placard is used to capture your attention just because of the vibrancy that the color reflects. Here are some other insights to the colors –

  • red clearance sale boardRed symbolizes urgency in business and that is the reason you will find the clearance sale board in red. It is scientifically proven that the color red increases the heart rate and energizes you. Therefore it helps you in taking an impulsive decision as a customer which is beneficial for the business.


  • blue logo in medical fieldBlue is the color of the corporate world or the bank or medical field. You will find this color mostly used in this field because it creates a sensation of security and trust. People trust these professions and it is said to be having high expectation from them. Therefore, this color acts a dual role, on one hand, it helps in calming the anxiety associated with these professions and on the other hand it acts as a color of trust on behalf of the company.
  • pink color gift boxPink is the feminine color so you will find the color used mostly to market the products that cater to women or younger girls. The color has a romantic side to it. Therefore, when there is any Valentine Day gifts or any other occasion which is for the couples, you will see the use of the pink color more often.
  • orange color download buttonOrange is mostly used in case of forced selling. Orange is the color of aggression so if you want your customers to react promptly, then the use of this color is apt for you. It somehow coerces the customers to subscribe for the service or getting involved in buying or selling it.
  • black luxury lamborghini carBlack is generally associated with luxury products and is often considered to be sleek and powerful. Most big names seen in the industry use black to project their brands, as they feel the essence is brought out effectively through this color.


  • purple nail polishPurple has its own charm and it will instantaneously soothe or calm the eyes. You must have noticed that this color is used a lot in beauty products and also anti–aging products.

It has a calming effect as well, therefore making use of this color will be beneficial for products and services.

In the same way, you will see that green is directly linked to wealth and is also considered to be the easy and natural color that our eyes can process.

Therefore, using this color to make the customers relax in the stores is what most businesses look for.

Next time when you are out in the market, you can verify the truth of the matter all by yourself by checking on whether the colors actually have any effect or not.

When you are feeling the urge to buy, then look at the surrounding colors that make people buy and that is helping you in taking the decision you will know it all about how easily colors influence our decision-making ability even when we are not doing it intentionally.

Use of color to its optimum level:

There have been several experiments that have been carried out successfully to prove the point that color do makes a huge impact on the mind of the customers.

One of the websites once held an experiment where he changed none of the content other than the register button. Two things were dished out, amongst which one had red register button and the other had green register button.

The general thought of all the experts was that the green button will get the maximum response, but in reality, the opposite happened and the red button received the maximum hits. The difference was not meager at all, instead, it was more than 20% in favour of red.

Though the red color is associated with a stop as per traffic signal and green means go, but in this case, everything went upside down. Therefore, when this report was published people started believing in the effects of color.

These are mostly the cases of big brands who are experimenting with colors, but as a blogger, you will also notice some change in traffic when you have made some slight change in colors. When you are incorporating certain colors you will see that it is able to draw the attention more than any other color.

Therefore, while designing your website, the emphasis is given on the choice of colors because the color you choose will reflect your personality and with its help, you will be able to speak dozen even without spending a single word.

There are people who think that red might throw away some of their customers so they do not use the color but red not always mean stop. Instead, the other quality that the color red reflects is courage as well.

Now, depending on what business you have, you need to decide which color will suit your business requirement and apply that accordingly.

Moreover, the color also brings in some differentiation as well. As a business, you will have to keep in mind for whom you are catering to.

Because, if your customers are women then they would love to see the colors blue, purple and green in action more than any other color. Therefore keep away the orange, brown and grey colors out of their sight.

colors for targeting women

Now if your target group is men then you will have to make in handy the colors like Green Black and Blue more than the colors like orange, purple and brown.

colors for targeting men

So now you can get an idea about how color influences the purchasing power and also the conversion rates. The type of business matters a lot in the selection of color but along with that your target group also matters.

While making your website, you have to first decide what you are catering and whom you are catering to and when these two things fall in places, then you will automatically get a website that will impress the audience at one go.

Colors say it all:

Color matters a lot. You will see that black is the color used for luxury products so when you are opening up the website of a luxury car, then you will find the color black to be predominant in that page. It brings out the essence of that the makers are trying to create with the image of the car. jaguar logo using black

You can take the example of Jaguar which will appear from the dark and will take all the limelight. Without using the color black the makers wouldn’t have had the same effect on it.

The power along with sophistication is what black stands for and bot the cars reflect exactly that. You might find white and blue in some places but that also play a significant part of showing the tranquil and pure side of the car. So by playing with colors the message is conveyed.

You will feel the power or strength that it is talking about, only through colors. You will not have to spend too much word when colors do the talking.

Then you will find some cars using the background color of white and gray showing off the class it belongs to and a shade of black here and there reflects the elegance that it brings with it. black color rolls royce logo

You can take the example of Rolls Royce in this case. The name speaks volume and when the image appears on the white and grey background, then half the campaigning is completed over there only.

Therefore the other half is completed by few words which are relevant.

Now comes the turn of the car that is said to be made keeping in mind the effect it has on the environment.

You can make out these types of cars very easily from the campaigning as they will have a dash of green in there reflecting the Mother Nature.

If you find that the site also has used hints of orange, then you will know that they are highly ambitious about the product and it also depicts the start of a new beginning as well.

Through colors only you can make out which car has what speciality and which car is full of power and poise. It is nothing that you have to memorize instead these are the thoughts that will cross your mind when you look at these colors.

Marking the beginning with effective colors:

If you are in the field of designing, branding, marketing or identity; the color selection is a huge benefit. Depending on the purpose of your website if you are able to select the right colors then you will surely be benefited a lot.

It will decide the emotions of customers towards your site on the very first glance and then that similar thought must linger on when they are using your products or services as well.

Color is one of the most powerful tools that you can lay your hand on which is instrumental in engaging and enticing the target group of your customers. It also is a great marketing tool that helps the brands in projecting themselves in the right light.

Many people think that web designing is not possible with single colors instead it is a rainbow of colors that goes into the designing of the website but that is not the case always.

You will see that there are sites which have a predominance of black or white and in addition, there might be a splash of one or two colors here and there.

If you are able to use the color effectively then the underlying tone can also be brought out in the front. If you have been in web designing for a long period, then by now you must have understood the language of colors and which colors reflect what meaning!

It is very important to get the right mix of colors when you are designing a website for your client because you would love your client to enjoy good traffic in there.

Yes, the colors can bring in a good amount of people to your site but if you use it in wrong way then there are high chances that you will lose out on some of the viewers as well.

Though people are talking about colors more often now there is very little awareness about the colors. It is always said that you must not assume something based on some imaginary figures instead you must give in when there is some facts involved.

If you find any statistics present you must see whether there is any base to it or not and how much effort has been provided to get to the conclusion. You cannot conclude that some color is effective because the monster in the comic book is afraid of that color.

Instead, if there is any case study which suggests that this color has had a large impact on the mind of the customers than the other because they have opted for the product of a particular color more than the other color present then you can give in to the idea.

It is mainly because now you know that it actually happened in reality and is not some fictional story behind your assumption.

Branding and the use of color in it:

When it comes to branding then the first and foremost thing that is required and is important is the color. red coca-cola canYou can easily identify the red can as a can of Coca-Cola and it has been that way for decades.

Branding has always been associated with colors, but you will find that the simple use of color is not that simple anymore, instead, it runs into deep water when it comes to the application.

Though color is important to project certain messages this is also true that the color preference rests solely on the individual so it might happen that the color that attracts you might put off some other customers.

Therefore, to dish out a universal language of color will be almost impossible but what the makers do in case of branding is that they find a pattern or the in–depth meaning that the color depicts.

Whether we like it or not, the fact remains that color plays an effective role in branding and purchases. In case of branding, the selection of color depends on whether it would fit the bill or not.

The brand colors play an important role in branding because the color combination affects the mindset of the customers and it helps in perceiving the products in a positive way. It is said that colors influence the viewpoint of the customers about the personality of the brand. rugged harley davidson logo

For example, when you look at the color used in Harley Davidson it gives you the rugged and intense feel and that is the way you perceive the motorcycle as well.

There is a predominance of black in the background with white fonts and a dash of orange sprinkled around making the website look the way Harley Davidson is famous for and that is its rough and edgy look. The orange depicts the young blood and energy that you can associate with this bike instantaneously.

When you are selecting colors, then you have to predict the reaction of the consumer to that particular color in respect to that product.

If you take the example of Harley Davidson only then it will be easy for you to understand that you look at Harley Davidson bikes as a rough and tough two-wheeler therefore in no ways will pink or purple will get along with this. You need to use colors which will reflect the image of the product in just the way it is.

Though it might feel that brands are getting mixed up, you will feel that there is a thin line in between which differentiates between sophisticated goods with the rugged goods.

The colors that you will use to depict the sophisticated goods will never be used in projecting the rugged goods, therefore, you will see that different colors have come into action when it comes to portraying sincerity, excitements or competence.

Some Color Influencers: Science Behind Colors

When you are looking into colors you will find that your mind is relating some colors with some traits right away. This alignment with specific traits can be realized through colors like brown which you can easily associate with ruggedness than the color red depicts excitement and you will find purple related to the sophistication.

When it comes to the selection of colors it is important that you portray the color that defines the personality of the product rather than selecting any stereotype color combination.

Now the perfect example of this is the color brown. You can use this color in the context of something rugged like mountaineering shoes or stuffs like that and on the other hand, it can also be used to depict something soft and warm like chocolates.

So the same color might have two different meanings when put in two different contexts. Therefore when you are opting for color make sure that they fit into the skin of the product.

brown in shoes and chocolate

In the same way, you will find green depicting two different meanings altogether. If one portrays a brand which is related to the environment, then, on the other hand, it can be used to depict the financial institutions as well.

So you cannot blindly follow a particular color for a specific set of products only, but it is important that you realize the context and based on that you select the color then that will be much more effective.

It is a proven fact that the same color can be used in different context and when that is done the meaning of the color changes accordingly.

Therefore it is important that first feel the mood and the image that your brand wants to create and then work on the color that will be best suited for putting the brand in bright lights.