In this modern technology-driven world, social networking websites are gaining a lot of popularity. LinkedIn stands out from the rest of the social media websites because it is designed specifically for professional networking. The main purpose of this site is to allow members to establish professional connections, help them search for a job and discover sales leads.

right keywords linkedin profileAmazing Features of LinkedIn:

This website, launched in May, 2003, is considered to be extremely effective in boosting your professional career. LinkedIn consists of various outstanding features, some of which are mentioned below. Check them out and get inspired.

1. Establish professional connections:

LinkedIn is one of the best websites which allow its members to build connections with professional contacts. By creating a LinkedIn profile any prospective employer can get in touch with an willing employee or service provider which in turn results in mutual benefits from both ends.

2. Search for a Job:

If you are planning on searching for a job, there is no other website better than LinkedIn because it helps you and your skills to get noticed by various people by creating an extremely amazing profile.

3. Helps companies in recruiting:

This website is extremely beneficial for companies as it helps them in recruiting people by going through their profiles, which give details regarding their skills and qualifications. Due to the availability of thousands of employee profiles on this platform, a company can choose the best person after assessing their skill and can personally contact them.

4. Members can join groups:

Members can join various groups on this website, which will allow them to connect with many like-minded people and will also allow them to take part in discussions in these groups. Moreover, they can also apply for the jobs posted in these groups.

5. Post updates:

LinkedIn provides you with a space, where you can post a status about anything that you like or anything interesting that you come across. These updates also help in creating an impression about you in the minds of people who browse through your profile.

6. Get introduced:

This website has a feature, which allows you to get introduced to a person who is the friend of your friend. The mutual friend will mention reasons why you should be added.

7. Personalised messages:

Whenever you wish to connect with a person on LinkedIn, you have the provision of sending a personalised message, which will make the connection more memorable.

8. Recommend People:

You can also recommend people you know on this website. This might help them in getting recruited for an impressive job.

How to Find Productive Keywords for LinkedIn Profile?

Using the perfect keywords is considered to be the best way to get noticed by a recruiter on LinkedIn. Keywords are terms in your profile which help the recruiter in finding you. Most recruiters, nowadays, go to various search engines and type keywords to find people fit for the job. In such cases, if your profile consists of the keywords that the recruiters desire, it will be easier for you to land on a job.

The best places where you can include the keywords in order to get noticed are the headline, job description and interests section.

If you do not have the right keywords, you and your profile are similar to being invisible even if you possess various amazing qualifications because recruiters will not be able to find you. The tips mentioned below will help you in finding the right keywords for LinkedIn profile:

1. Select trending keywords:

Members and recruiters on LinkedIn use keywords with the sole purpose of getting noticed. Just go through the job postings that you are interested in and select the keywords which are the best. Now, use these keywords in your profile to attract the attention of the recruiters.

2. Select keywords from people’s profiles:

The best way to find the perfect keywords for your LinkedIn profile is to go through the profiles of people who hold the same position that you are applying for. You will come across keywords in their profile which might be helpful for you to get noticed.

3. Vague keywords should be avoided:

Vague keywords in your LinkedIn profile should be avoided as this will not help the recruiter in getting an idea about what your exact job was. More particular keywords about the job that you did should be mentioned to make it easy for the recruiter to know your skills, based on which they can recruit you for a job.

4. Use technical terms:

Using technical terms, related to the job that you wish to get recruited for, as keywords is one of the best ways to get noticed by a recruiter. Some recruiters use technical keywords to search for prospective employees. This will help recruiters in finding candidates who have the knowledge required for the post.

5. Use tools for finding right keywords:

There are various tools that are available on the internet, such as Wordle, which help you in finding the best keyword for your profile. These tools will help you in getting noticed by the recruiters by providing unique keywords. Moreover, there are several other keyword planners using which you can select the most in trend keywords.

LinkedIn SEO Examples of Keywords:

Since keywords are extremely crucial for your profile on LinkedIn to get noticed by recruiters, you should make sure to choose the right keywords for your profile. Some examples of catchy and easily noticeable keywords are mentioned below:

1. Your targeted job title:

This is considered to be one of the most important set of keywords for your LinkedIn profile. The job title that you wish to get recruited for will prove to be the most effective keywords for your profile. It will instantly get the attention of the recruiter searching for an eligible employee.

2. Previous & current job titles:

The titles of your current and previous jobs will also make for amazing keywords, which will place your profile on the top of the search list. Make sure that you use the standard terms that are used by the target employers. In cases where the target employer uses non-standard terms, you should change your keywords accordingly.

3. Your current or target region, city or state:

Using keywords, such as, your current or targeted region, city or state will make your profile appear whenever these keywords are searched for. It will help your profile to be found in specific searches which are related to the particular region, city or the state.

4. Your skills and abilities:

The skills that are required for the job that you plan to apply for next can make for attractive keywords for your profile on LinkedIn. You can go through the websites of the target employers to find out which are the skills that are most wanted for the job.

5. Tools and techniques specific to jobs:

Using keywords, such as, the tools and techniques that you have learned to use due to your training or work experience are also excellent examples of keywords. Employers looking for any specific skill or expertise, often search with these keywords. In that case, if your keyword matches their required skill, your profile will instantly show up in their search and your chances of getting hired will become high.

6. Software and hardware related to your job:

If you have been trained to use some software or hardware, which is required for the job that you wish to get recruited for, they can also be used as keywords. Make sure not to avoid names of software or hardware because you think they are common and can’t create an impact.

7. Internet tools and applications:

If you are adept at using certain internet tools and applications that are relevant for the job that you want to get recruited for, mention them as keywords in your LinkedIn profile to get noticed.

8. Awards and recognitions:

You can also use the awards and recognitions that you have received during your educational period or in your earlier jobs as your keywords in the LinkedIn profile.

9. Use acronyms:

Using acronyms, which are suitable for the job that you want to be recruited for, as your keywords is also a good idea. These are quite interesting examples of keywords and can help you to come in notice.

Do not forget to mention the full forms of the acronyms also and never use acronyms which you use for chatting, such as, ASAP or LOL etc.

10. Education details:

Education details related to the target job, such as the degrees that you have earned, the courses that you have completed, the trainings that you have undergone and the certifications that you have received, can also make for great keywords, which will help you in attracting the attention of the target employer.

11. Your publications, articles or blogs:

Giving the names of the publications, articles or blogs that you have written as keywords is also recommended if they are relevant for the job that you wish to be recruited for.

12. Conferences or trade shows attended:

If you have attended any trade shows, conferences or other similar programs, which can be of relevance to the job that you want to be recruited for, definitely mention them as keywords.

13. Work experience certifications:

If you have received any certifications or licenses which are a proof of your work experience, don’t forget to mention them as keywords because they can keep you on top of the search list of the target employers.

LinkedIn SEO: Places Where You Should Add Keywords:

There are certain key spots in your LinkedIn profile where you should add the keywords in order to get noticed immediately. Some of the important places where you should add keywords are:

1. Headline:

It is extremely essential that you change the headline that is set by default by LinkedIn. Make the headline reach out to the target employers by adding keywords that are suitable for the target job. This is the first thing in your profile which will catch the attention of people, so, you should frame it accordingly. Use keywords which will help your profile to be easily found out by prospective employers. Make the most use of the 120 characters that are allowed for the headline.

2. Job Title:

The job title is another place in which you can add the keywords. Make sure you use keywords that are extremely relevant for the job that you wish to get recruited for. If these are displayed over here your chances will certainly get increased.

3. Summary:

LinkedIn provides a space, known as summary, where you can impress your prospective employers and other people who visit your profile. This space has a capacity of 2000 words, so ensure that you make the most of this space by adding the most suitable keywords.

4. Work Experience:

Another space where you can add keywords is the section regarding your current and past work experience. Here you can frame your sentences by using keywords which will be perfect for your target job.

5. Skills and Interests:

The skills and interests section is also an important place where you can add keywords to attract your target employers. You can mention your skills and interests as keywords in this section.

6. Articles or Projects:

If you have written any articles on any website, any blogs or if you have worked on any projects, which can be relevant to the job that you wish to get recruited for, you can definitely mention the keywords in this area to attract the attention of the target employers.

Keywords are considered to be extremely important terms which fulfil the purpose of creating a LinkedIn profile. So, choose the right and interesting keywords and make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest. In the process you will not only make yourself visible, but will increase the possibilities of craving a job by 80%.