What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the social networking site. Unlike, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, LinkedIn is a business-oriented site, which deals as an aid in the recruiting process of the industry. Of course, it is far from the traditional recruiting process but is indeed a beneficial service for both, employer and the employees. The basic feature of LinkedIn is that it allows both, workers and employers, to create profiles and connect (get linked with) to each other. This is an effective way of forming professional relationships with ease. Moreover, it provides freedom to the users to invite as many people as required. However, if the invitee dismisses the request by selecting it as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’, then it counts as a negative point for the user. If there are repeated responses of spam for the inviter, then his or her account may be banned or restricted.

LinkedIn for employee benefit

1. Job search engine

LinkedIn has a vast network since it was launched in 2003. It has been developing ever since it was launched. Hence, by the year 2011, it launched a new feature that enables the employees to use it as a perfect job search engine. Employees can enter the name of the workplace of their choice in the search box. The result section includes information related to the company. It includes a statistical ratio of the male and female employees, available or vacant positions in the company, the location of the nearby offices and/or the list of the present and former employees.

2. Simplified application feature

LinkedIn has a feature that makes it possible for the applicants to apply for a position from the site. LinkedIn requires registration to continue as an employee or employer. LinkedIn developed a plugin that enables the potential applicants to apply for the desired position through the resume in their profiles. Further, these jobs are saved under a tab ‘Saved Jobs’, which makes it easier to check on the progress.

Thus, indeed, LinkedIn has proved itself a very useful professional social networking site. It has not only made way for the employee and employer relationships but also provided a platform to create an innumerable connection with people of similar interest. Today, the world is all about connections and pulling the right connection at the time of need. However, the question that persists is that how to use this blessing in disguise effectively?

3 Important things before starting

There are things that you need to keep a check on, before starting your LinkedIn account. Of course, the things may not seem that important to you but they actually make a lot of difference. (By difference, I mean it in a positive manner).

1. Your identity is YOUR identity

People often have a habit of uploading images. After all, they portray the person virtually. Therefore, you are aware of the function of the avatar. However, many people end up uploading the picture of their husbands, kids, or their younger picture. Most of them upload it, as it is usual to upload such pictures on social networking sites. However, what you are forgetting is that LinkedIn is your professional platform. Upload your own picture, which helps your recruiter know something more apart from your name and description.

Do you know-?

What does your picture tell about you? Yes, your picture speaks a lot more than you can think. A bright smile with bold eyes will definitely make you look energetic regardless of your age. Thus, if you can show that enthusiasm of a youth then why not post your own profile picture instead of being deceptive.

2. Profile picture is important

You need to provide your own profile picture. However, some people have a total strange logic behind uploading the picture of their favorite game, food or dog. The feature of profile picture is to enhance the profile and not your personal favorite item. According to a survey/poll, more than half of the recruiters prefer viewing profiles with a profile picture. That does not mean that you should straight away opt for any possible picture. 90% of the ‘more than half’ recruiters prefer contacting a profile that has the picture of the potential job seeker. It makes trusting easier.

If you do not have a profile picture or if your child rules your LinkedIn profile then go back now and change it. You would see the difference soon.

3. First thing that attracts

Have you ever tried searching your name in Google? Of course, if you are a social person, you will definitely get some results. Have you tried searching your LinkedIn profile? If you have then you must have realized that apart from your name and picture there is one more thing that appears. It is the job title also called as a LinkedIn headline. Headlines do half of your job in attracting clients, whether you are a recruiter or employee. However, people prefer hilarious attractive headlines rather than business based boring ones. Headlines can go up to 120 characters (Google limits the character to 120 at the first glance). Thus, it is very important to have a perfect 4-Es in your headline i.e. Eye catching, effective, efficient and enchanting.

What is the function of the headlines?

Portray your valuable existence in the professional networking market

Are you still confused? Do not worry I will simplify. Your LinkedIn headline tells your recruiter or viewer about what you can do or what wonders you can create in your field. What you do is the reason you exist in the professional world. Thus, your headline helps you in getting your talent visible in an effective manner.

Let us look at some fancy, funny and hilarious headlines that work:

1. The bleeding content

Does it sound funny? It is indeed funny and effective. ‘Cut me and I bleed content’ is one of the best headlines that I have found on the LinkedIn platform. It is quite related for a content writer and efficient enough to grab the reader into engaging into the summary.

2. Ringleader of the circ.us

Is it something that you commonly come across? Of course, you do not. If you were a curious one, you would definitely peep into the summary.

3. Digital Marketing Magician

Would you not like to know what tricks this magician could do for you? It is hilarious and intriguing for anyone who passes by.

4. Marketing Ninja

With the speed of a ninja, this person can pounce on the marketing industry and bring you great results. However, would you have ever contacted him if he were a simple ‘marketing agent’?

5. Senior warrior on the road – Marketing Intern

It is quite a unique way of stating the unpaid status of the job. If you were a recruiter, would you not check this profile and offer an opportunity? If it were I, I might check it out.

6. Chief instigating officer

You would probably want to look up possible meanings in the dictionary before contacting this person. Oh well, you can either do that or can simply click to read more about him.

7. I have helped seven companies to reach $1 Billion. Want to be #8?

Well, that is an open invitation. Would you not dig into his profile to get something you need? If I were a recruiter, I might not skip this profile without reading the summary.

8. Solver for unsolvable customer problems, finder for unfindable solutions and teacher for unteachable customer rep

He is definitely someone you would like to approach. He is an all-rounder solution to the problems. However, do you need him? Read his summary and check it out for yourself.

9. You remember the kid at school, who knew everyone, knew all the latest trends, and even knew how to talk to the girls? That is me.

Seems like an efficient speaker to me. What do you say?

10. Head honcho, headhunter, sometime head shrinker and living proof that the only good recruiter is NOT a dead recruiter.

He is not a dead recruiter, so if you were an employee, you would definitely want to connect with him.

11. I am a writer. You probably do not want to get on the wrong side of me.

Beware. A writer can make or break your reputation with a few words. Here, words speak louder than action.

These funny headlines may give you a hint to make one for yourself. However, the question that haunts is how to make the headline effective (on you own)? Well, do not worry because I have some tips for you. Let us see how-

Effective headline guidance

1. ‘Who you are’ versus ‘what you can do’

I am a graduate from XYZ and I have pursued ABC blah blah. Does your resume not include these points too? Do you think who you are, matters to anyone until you tell them what you can do for them? Instead of telling your specialization, if you tell them ‘what you do’, then there are more chances of them to view your entire profile. For example, instead of adding your graduation university if you say, budding potential content master, it will make your ‘what you can do’ stand out. As a result, it will also get you preference from your potential recruiter. Yet again, you would need to be creative. Instead of being blunt enough with a word speaker, write something like ‘I produce ardent followers through my words’. Thus, keep your pride in your university within the resume, not your headline, for the headline stands as a tag line to sell yourself.

2. Short & simple v/s long & descriptive

If you were given a choice, what would you prefer from the above-mentioned option? Most of you might say that long and descriptive headline may benefit you more. Moreover, you have almost 120 characters to fill the juicy detail of your talent. Well, I would entirely disagree on that point. Indeed, you have ample of characters to feed detailed information of yourself however, you do not need to utilize everything. There is a huge difference between descriptive and attractive headline. The descriptive headline may go beyond 120 characters for some while attractive headline may barely have 3 – 4 words that actually work/attracts. Which would you prefer from the following example?

1) 20 years of experience in writing content on several different niches
2) 20 Content years old (master of various niches)

3. Use keywords and make them work

‘Guru’ is your headline. It might be brief (way too brief) but it does not specify anything. Your headline should not only be brief but also should contain appropriate keywords. Keywords help in getting your profile searched. Headlines are the key to open the doors of your future job.

4. Copy but be unique

Copy and Unique both are in the same sentence. Well, what is so wrong about both being in one sentence? Antithesis is not a taboo, right. When I say copy, I mean to say that checkout people’s profile (with similar interest) and look at their headline. See whether the headline works for them. If it does then there is no harm in trying something similar. By copying, I am referring to the idea of the headline. However, you also need to be unique at the same time. If you are an efficient employee then you need not worry because you would easily be able to build a unique headline based on the idea or guidance from the existing profiles.

5. Adjectives do a lot more than you think

An adjective is a word that expresses the attribute of a person or thing. Using strong and energetic adjective to express your talent will definitely benefit you. Moreover, a strong adjective effectively encourages the recruiter who wants to know more about you, which undoubtedly increases your chances to be discovered. When you do, grab the opportunities.

6. Invite and connect with advisors

What do you mean by invite and connect with advisors? Well, you already know that LinkedIn provides you the platform to build a professional relationship with professionally existing people. Therefore, make use of it to the fullest. Once you are done with your profile, contact some friendly recruiters asking them their advice or opinion on your profile. This will not only help you be successful with your account but also give you more connections.


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